Testimonials from Delegates

Please read what delegates said about our events:

  • Great opportunity to learn & network

  • Very insightful! High quality speakers & papers 
    (Lincoln Electric Europe)

  • Great !

  • Probably the most informative stainless conference in the circuit 
    (Blackburns Metals)

  • As usual, the best place to be to grasp market dynamics and trends 
    (Asco Industries)

  • "From my point of view, it was really successful, with a lot of interesting speakers, interesting information and good opportunities to meet. I must say, I boosted my knowledge on stainless and specialty steels in various ways. I enjoyed it!"
    (OM Partners, Belgium)

  • "It was a fantastic event. The best!!!"
    (Faurecia, Germany)

  • "Perfect organization of the event that is the best of our sector without any doubt."
    (Arinox, Italy)

  • "Excellent conference!"
    (KGHM International, Canada)

  • "A top-value chance to join the major actors of the stainless steel market - meet, discover, understand, decide."
    (CSM Tube, Italy)

  • "Excellent networking event!"
    (Stemcor Stainless, United Kingdom)

  • "The best delegate composition!"
    (Arinox S.p.A., Italy)

  • "The only global conference that covers specific stainless steel and gives a global picture on a high level."
    (Hans Kohler AG, Switzerland)

  • "A good 'cocktail' of market trends – financial info – endusers perspectives."
    (Centro Inox, Italy)

  • "Excellent conference held at the right time."
    (OSTP Holding Ox, Finland)

  • “Great event to remain up-to-date and to network with suppliers and customers”
    (Aperam, Luxembourg)

  • "Attending the ISTS summit should be mandatory for a top manager in the stainless steel business."
    (Kominox, Sweden)

  • "The event was really managed in a very professional way and the speakers were the most representative of the market."
    (Arinox S.p.A., Italy)

  • "Access to the key players views and observations in one conference makes this conference invaluable!"
    (Climax Molybdenum, United Kingdom)

  • "A unique event to have a comprehensive view of stainless steel relevant market dynamics."
    (COMC, France)

  • "The conference is a must for leaders in the special steel industry."
    (Deutsche Edelstahlwerke GmbH, Germany)

  • "Different assumptions/points of view from all."
    (Faurecia Emissions Control Technologies Germany GmbH, Germany)

  • "Excellent well organized conference. Almost all the major players in the specialty steel business were here. No comparable event exists. Very strong speakers line up."
    (Griggs Steel, USA)

  • "Excellent organisation and networking."
    (ISSF, Belgium)

  • "If I could choose just one conference to attend each year, this is the indispensable one."
    (Kominox International AB, Sweden)

  • "Many enlightening presentations and stimulating discussions."
    (MEPS International Ltd, United Kingdom)

  • "The stainless world under one roof. Unbearable opportunity to share opinions."
    (Nova Trading SA, Poland)

  • “The event was one of the best in view combining market oriented and technical topics including general economic information.”
    (Poligrat GmbH, Germany)

  • "Almost everyone who is important in the industry (specialty long steel) was there. The best possible atmosphere for joint thinking on how to develop the industry as a whole, and no exchange on industry prospect."
    (Schmolz & Bickenbach AG, Germany)

  • "Networking: very good representation of producers, distributors & end-users."
    (Ugitech, France)

  • "Good participation from all sides, producers, stockholders and end-users."
    (Schmolz + Bickenbach, Germany)

  • "The most interesting event of today. Well done."
    (Nichel Leghe Spa - Cronimet Group, Italy)

  • "Exceptional networking and content."
    (ISSF, Belgium)

  • "Excellent opportunity for factual updates and outlook, great networking."
    (Damstahl AS, Denmark)

  • "Presentations were excellent. A great place to meet people."
    (SG Ericsson & Co, USA)

  • "Great mixture of speakers from different sectors."
    (POSCO Europe, Germany)

  • "An overview of the whole industry."
    (Böhler Uddeholm, Austria)

  • "A unique event to represent the special need of an end-user to the steel producing companies."
    (Flender AG, Germany)

  • "Clear about the direction of the development of various companies."
    (Sandvik Materials Technology, Sweden)