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Simon Shen - Zhejiang JIULI Hi-Tech Metals

Shen Xiaogang, Male, Huzhou City of Zhejiang Province, Master's Degree, has been engaged in sales of stainless steel piping products for more than 13 years.  Mr Shen is currently the General Manager of Sales Department of Zhejiang Jiuli Hi-Tech Metals Co., Ltd, responsible for administration of sales department.  He used to be engaged in sales and market development of OCTG and special alloy products.  He is pursuing Master’s Degree in Metal Materials at Xi'an Shiyou University during employment.


沈筱刚,男,浙江湖州人,硕士,从事不锈钢管销售13年,现任浙江久立特材科技股份有限公司销售部总经理,负责销售部各项管理工作, 曾从事油田、特殊合金产品的销售和市场开发。在职期间,攻读西安石油大学金属材料在硕士研究生学习。


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