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Asian Stainless Steel & Alloys Forum 2019


          June 18 & 19, 2019
Location:   Shanghai, China
Venue:       Renaissance Shanghai Zhongshan Park Hotel

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Artificial Intelligence - New Opportunities for Stainless Steel

Around 200 people across the entire stainless steel supply chain attended our Asian Stainless Steel Forum 2018, held in Shanghai in June 2018. The Asian stainless steel industry will meet again at the same place on June 18th & 19th, 2019 to discuss topics that will shape the industry in the future.

Further information will be posted here soon - stay tuned for updates. We look forward to seeing you there!

Here you can view the video from the Asian Stainless Steel Forum 2018.

The following topics will be discussed in detail:

Module 1 » Stainless Steel Production & Capacities
  • STS ramp-up in Indonesia - Implications for mainland China
  • Factors that could slow down ramp-up in Indonesia
  • Capacity developments in China and other Asia - consolidation ahead?
  • 4-in-1 production systems – impact for European mills?
  • Can environmental regulation stop the success of 4-in-1 production systems?
  • Cost pressures on STS manufacturing (electrodes, refractories, labour, gases, etc.)
  • Are Chinese mills losing their cost competitiveness?
  • Profitability of Asian STS producers
  • Rise of protectionism and trade restrictions - impact for Chinese mills
  • The impact of protectionism on offshoring of STS products (fittings, appliances etc.)
  • Made in China 2025 - opportunities for stainless steel
Module 2 » Super Alloys and Special Stainless Steels / E-Mobility
  • Corrosion-resistant/nickel alloy market 2019 and beyond
  • Applications for corrosion-resistant/nickel alloys and special stainless steel
  • Will China beome the next aerospace super-power?
  • Chinese mills moving from commodities to high end STS and corrosion-resistant/nickel alloys
  • Market and applications for duplex, superferritics, superaustenitics
  • Cars 'Made in China' for the World & Impact of e-mobillity
  • New mobility concepts, implications for special steel products
  • Electric & hybrid cars and their impact on stainless steel
  • Opportunities for stainless steel in fuel cells
Module 3 » Chinese Endusers / Distributors
  • The future for STS distribution in China
  • How is digitalization changing distribution of stainless steel and nickel alloys?
  • How can we prevent that companies like Alibaba or Amazon are taking over control of steel distribution?
  • Recovery of project business?
  • Global Outlook for Chemical Process Projects
  • The future of power generation - how can we meet the rising electricity demand?
  • Applications for STS in architecture, building & construction
  • Prospects of STS usage in water pipes 
Module 4 » Raw Materials: Nickel
  • Ni deficit or surplus in 2019 and 2020 (supply/demand)?
  • Will NPI completely replace Class I Ni in stainless applications?
  • Is the LME / SHFE becoming obsolete? New pricing models for Ni
  • LME warehouse stocks decline - stockpiled in off-exchange warehouses or actual consumption?
  • Scenarios for Ni in Batteries - which will be the winning technology?
  • Another round of environmental inspections in China – a danger to raw material supply?
Module 5 » Raw Materials: Scrap, Chrome, Molybdenum
  • Cr consolidation in South Africa vs. expansion in China – what is up next?
  • Will Zimbabwe come back stronger than ever in Chrome?
  • Future scrap pricing - a chance to stay competitive against 4-in-1?
  • Rising Mo prices due to lower output of by-product mines?
  • Will oil & gas recover and drive Mo demand?
Module 6 » Digitalization & AI / Future Mobility
  • What separates Industry 4.0 from Industry 3.0?
  • How the cyber-physical systems work?
  • How big should it be to be called “big data”?
  • How can we ensure cyber-security?
  • How much AI will affect the whole industry as well as personal lifestyle?
  • What will happen if Internet-of-Things gets combined with 5G?
  • What are the obstacles for quick implementation of digital solutions?
  • Impact of digitalization on workforce – from steel worker to IT specialist?
  • Productivity enhancement potentials in STS production
  • Artificial intelligence in the automotive industry
  • Will autonomous driving solve traffic jams and accidents?
  • New mobility concepts
  • Transformation to sustainable mobility?
Module 7 » Stainless Steel & Nickel Alloy - Market Trends & Outlook, Futures
  • Where do we stand in the business cycle?
  • Which industries or regions are booming? Where are the hotspots?
  • Has project business in oil & gas and CPI recovered?
  • Trends in premium steel segments? Powder production on the rise?
  • Is 3D printing a risk for forged products and castings?
  • Global trends & Outlook
  • Profitability 2019 vs. 2018